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Who is the NHS non-emergency patient transport service (NEPTS) for?
The non-emergency patient transport service is funded by the NHS for patients who, due to their mobility needs or medical condition, are unable to travel safely by other means.

The service is provided by E-zec Medical Services Ltd on behalf of Bath and North East Somerset, Gloucestershire, Swindon and Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Groups.

Who might be eligible to use NEPTS?
All patients who wish to be considered for the non-emergency patient transport service are required to be assessed by the Patient Transport Advice Centre against national eligibility criteria.


NEPTS is available if:

           •    Your medical condition means you cannot use other forms of transport without it being detrimental to your health.
           •    Your mobility means that you would be unable to access healthcare by any other means.
           •    You need the skills or support of patient transport staff before/during/after the journey.


I have used NEPTS before, will I continue to get it?

Your eligibility for NEPTS is considered each time you ask for patient transport, because your medical condition and your transport needs can change.


Can I bring someone to travel with me? (A non- medical escort: friend/partner, etc)
The service provides skilled and qualified staff who will, in most cases, fully meet the patient’s needs during their journey.


Non-medical escorts are not routinely allowed to travel with you and are subject to assessment against national eligibility criteria, which includes if you:

        •    Are under 18 years of age – an escort must travel with you
        •    Rely on a translator
        •    Rely on a carer for communication
        •    Have mental health issues which mean that you must be accompanied by a known carer.


I have NEPTS booked, but my medical appointment has changed or been cancelled
If something has changed – such as, date, time, or location, (or, for example, a friend or family member is taking you, or the appointment has been cancelled) please call the Patient Transport Advice Centre as far in advance as possible to let them know of the change, so they can update their schedule. To check on the whereabouts of your transport on the day of travel, or to amend a booking on the day of travel, call E-zec directly on 0300 777 5577.​

What happens after I have a NEPTS booking? 
ou will receive a confirmatory phone call from E-zec before you travel.

If you booked directly with the Patient Transport Advice Centre, you will also receive a confirmation letter.

When will I be picked up to go to my appointment?

You will usually be picked up within the 2 hours before your appointment time. This is because the driver may have to pick up other patients on route to the hospital.  

What do I do if my transport hasn’t turned up?
If you need to check on the whereabouts of your transport on the day, please call E-zec on 0300 777 5577.


I have a follow-up appointment, will I automatically get NEPTS?

This will be assessed each time (unless for example you’re attending regularly, within a very short period of time within which your circumstances are not changing) to check that you are still eligible.

What will happen when I arrive at my appointment?
You will arrive outside the hospital or clinic’s entrance and if required assisted to the waiting area, clinic, outpatients department or ward.

What will happen at the end of my appointment?
A return journey is usually included in the transport provided for outpatient and day patient appointments, unless a one way journey is agreed at time of booking . At the end of your appointment, please wait at the reception area of the clinic you are attending until your driver arrives to collect you.


Patient Transport Advice Centre

The booking office is 8:30am to 6:30pm Monday to Friday. Please call the number for the area your GP is located.


Bath and North East Somerset: 01278 727425
Gloucestershire: 01278 726968
Swindon: 01278 727401
Wiltshire: 01278 727410



E-zec Medical Transport Services Limited is registered in England & Wales under no. 4088225. Registered office Redhill, Surrey RH1 5YP.

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