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Booking Non-Emergency Patient Transport 

To book transport you, or a nominated person on your behalf, will need to call the NHS Patient Transport Advice Centre (PTAC). The number you call will depend on the area your GP is located:


Bath & North East Somerset: 01278 727425

Gloucestershire: 01278 726968

Swindon: 01278 727401

Wiltshire: 01278 727410


Please contact PTAC as soon as you get confirmation of your medical appointment. Before you ring please make sure you have a pen and paper, your NHS number and your appointment details available. If you don't know your NHS number, you can find it on your appointment letter, or you can ask your GP surgery or a health professional who is treating you and they will be able to provide it to you.


Your telephone call will take you through a number of questions to determine if you are eligible for transport and whether you have any specific needs for your journey. Patients will be assessed for each request as medical conditions change over time.


Your telephone call is confidential and if you need assistance with the call a nominated person can make the call on your behalf. Calls are recorded for training, monitoring, and audit purposes and to assist in case of any subsequent disputes or complaints.

Once your booking is completed, you will be sent a letter or an email from PTAC confirming the booking of your transport.

Prior to the day of travelling, E-zec will make contact on your provided telephone number, this is for confirmation that all travel requirement details are correct before the day of transport.

For further information about NEPTS, please click on

"NEPTS Information Leaflet"

E-zec Medical Transport Services Limited is registered in England & Wales under no. 4088225. Registered office Redhill, Surrey RH1 5YP.

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