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Eligibility is managed locally by the NHS Patient Transport Advice Centre (PTAC). 

When you request transport through the PTAC booking process, you should be aware that NHS staff will ask you a number of questions over the phone. This helps us to establish whether you are eligible for patient transport. Although some questions may seem irrelevant to you, your answers help us immensely to assess the right level of support to get you to your appointment safely and as comfortably as possible .

You will find that if you have to book transport more than once the same eligibility questions will be applied, this is only to ensure we have the most up to date record of your circumstances in order for us to continue providing the right level of support while in our care.


Eligibility for NHS-funded transport is defined by the Department of Health and Social Care as:

  • Where the medical condition of the patient is such that they require the skills or support of PTS staff on/after the journey and/or where it would be detrimental to the patient’s condition or recovery if they were to travel by other means.


  • Where the patient’s medical condition impacts on their mobility to such an extent that they would be unable to access healthcare and/or it would be detrimental to the patient’s condition or recovery to travel by other means.


  • Recognised as a parent or guardian where children are being conveyed.


PTS could also be provided to a patient’s escort or carer where their particular skills and/or support are needed e.g. this might be appropriate for those accompanying a person with a physical or mental incapacity, vulnerable adults or to act as a translator. Discretionary provision such as this must be requested and agreed in advance, when transport is booked. Failure to do so, will mean that the intended escort will not be transported.

E-zec Medical Transport Services Limited is registered in England & Wales under no. 4088225. Registered office Redhill, Surrey RH1 5YP.

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